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what is formed on top of plate B? – Brainly.ph

Magma rise up on top of plate B to form volcanoes. As the leading edge of plate A subducted beneath plate B, it move towards the mantle and melts when it …

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What is formed on top of Plate B?Q20. … It is because plate A or the oceanicplate is thinner than plate B which is continental plate.

What is formed on top of Plate B? – Education – my tanong

Peb 24, 2022 — Lumilitaw ang mga bulkan sa plate B.

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Ago 23, 2015 — 8. What is formed on top of Plate B? ANSWER: Volcanoes are formed on top of Plate B. As the plates continue to grind against each other , what …

What is formed ontop of plate B? why is it formed

Peb 27, 2022 — Magma rise up on top of plate B to form volcanoes. ✓ ian2145. Watt you don’t know will hurt you. conserve electricity, save money,

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Mar 19, 2022 — What is formed on top of continental plate? … Plate B is a continental Plate so Volcanoes are present on top of it.

plate tectonics | Definition, Theory, Facts, & Evidence | Britannica

plate tectonics, theory dealing with the dynamics of Earth’s outer … plates A and B move apart, or diverge, resulting in extension and the formation of a …

2.5: Types of Plate Boundaries – Geosciences LibreTexts

Nob 6, 2020 — Depending on what type of lithospheric crust each diverging plate is, whether oceanic or continental, varying geographic features are formed …

Plate Tectonics and Volcanic Activity

May 19, 2022 — These hot spots are able to independently melt the tectonic plate above them, creating magma that erupts onto the top of the plate.

10.4 Plates, Plate Motions, and Plate-Boundary Processes

Figure 10.19 Depiction of the processes and materials formed at a divergent boundary [SE after Keary and Vine, 1996, Global Tectonics (2ed), …

Ocean-Continent Collisions

When two oceanic plates collide one oceanic plate is eventually subducted under … the mantle where it is being gradually heated a benioff zone is formed.

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At convergent boundaries, tectonic plates collide with each other. … As the oceanic crust sinks, a deep oceanic trench, or valley, is formed at the edge …

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